Most restaurants are friends with the IQOS HEETS BRONZE sticks

15 years ago, industrial giants, commodity corporations, large banks and insurers dominated the top of the most expensive companies in the world. Today, all the top lines in the capitalization ratings are taken by technology companies, including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft. But the most remarkable of them is Amazon, which was launched as a modest online bookstore, but eventually transformed into a real technology company. This is one of the most revealing trends in business – today all companies in one way or another strive to become technological. Philip Morris International (PMI) is also moving away from the image of a typical tobacco grower and is bringing to the market innovative smokeless products such as IQOS HEETS BRONZE sticks, which are rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

First of all, smokeless IQOS HEETS BRONZE products are by no means intended to attract a new audience. Not. This is an alternative for adult smokers who do not want to quit tobacco use but would like toreduce the harmful effects on the body. Significant funds PMI invests in scientific research on the effects of steam of smokeless products on the body in the short and long term in comparison with exposure to cigarette smoke.
IQOS HEETS BRONZE sticks cannot be called an electronic cigarette or vape, because IQOS does not use nicotine-containing liquid, IQOS is a tobacco heating system that must be used with special sticks containing natural tobacco, processed and pressed using a special technology.

IQOS HEETS BRONZE sticks can be used even in public places, if there is a note “We are friends with IQOS” or check with the administration of the institution – for example, in a restaurant – whether the use of the device will hinder others. The fact is that the use of IQOS HEETS BRONZE sticks does not have a negative effect on the quality of indoor air, its tobacco vapor dissipates much faster than cigarette smoke, and also leaves almost no smell.
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