HEETS AMBER cigarettes are a safe idea of tobacco sticks with nutty taste notes

The main idea of reducing toxicity for iQOS is to create conditions for the generation of a nicotine-containing aerosol under which CO will not form at all or its formation will be significantly reduced.

Such technology will secure you a unique taste of HEETS AMBER cigarettes with nutty notes.
These conditions are met with the HEETS AMBER cigarettes.

Therefore, the study of temperature regimes in the structural parts of iQOS HEETS AMBER cigarettes is an important part of research to understand the mechanisms of toxicity reduction in tobacco heating systems in comparison with cigarettes, cigarettes and other tobacco products that produce smoke as a result of pyrolysis.

It is known that the ignition temperature of cellulose and lignin as the main combustible component of all plants, including tobacco, is about 450 Celsius degrees. In this case, of course, it must be remembered that for other components, for example, for vegetable oils, which are also part of tobacco and other plants, the smoke point begins already in the range of 160-230 Celsius degrees, and for some substances, for example, waxes or other fatty polymers like it (cutin, suberin) are even smaller – 90 -110 degrees.

According to the declared design features, the iQOS heater with a platinum-ceramic coating is heated to a temperature of 350 Celsius degrees, which may be due in general to the design features of the heater, as well as the corresponding Curie temperature for the ferrite evaporator if a technical solution is used in the iQOS design.

To study the temperature conditions in HEETS AMBER cigarettes, the authors developed the block diagram of temperature measurement and visualization of measurement results.
The measuring installation allows simultaneously using 2 independent channels to measure the heating temperature or the temperature of the vapor in different segments of the stick while drawing air through the iQOS holder with a volume of approximately equal to the smoker’s puff volume and recording the measurement data in the corresponding file structure. The installation consists of the following devices interconnected by silicone hoses.

Iqos Heets

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