Iqos heets purple wave can be recognized by stylish pack

Parliament heets tobacco sticks for the IQOS tobacco heating system are a real find for people who are looking for alternatives to classic tobacco products. Heets sticks are the highest quality selected tobacco that does not need to be burned to use. Yes, that’s right, heets sticks will allow you to enjoy the natural taste of tobacco without burning, this has become possible thanks to a special production technology and the idea of ​​​​heating rather than burning tobacco.

Heets sticks are sure to please even the most fastidious tobacco gourmets, because their taste palette includes many varieties, among which there are both classic options with different shades, as well as more original flavors with the addition of menthol and fruit and berry shades.

Iqos heets purple wave sticks are a bold combination designed to interest the most fastidious connoisseurs of unforgettable taste and rich aroma. Iqos heets purple wave sticks skillfully combine notes of tobacco, ripe fragrant berries and a barely noticeable menthol background. Sounds like something crazy? And you try it, this experience is not forgotten!

Iqos heets purple wave sticks developed by Philip Morris and intended for use in special IQOS electronic tobacco heating systems. The sticks have a refreshing berry flavor with hints of cooling menthol and wild berries. The main characteristics of the blend: Freshness 2/5; Saturation 3/5; Density 2/5; Aroma 5/5. The taste of Purple Wave can be easily recognized by the stylish pack with a purple design. In one pack, you will find 20 iqos heets purple wave sticks.

Today, only branded iqos heets purple wave sticks can be purchased in our online store for the tobacco heating system known to us as “IQOS”. These are not cigarettes – they cannot be lit and used in the traditional way, they are not suitable, for example, for GLO and are available in several flavors. Let’s talk about what they are and what to choose for comfortable use and fullness of taste. Call us and we consult you personally.

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