Buy heets turquoise sticks, they are available again

Buy heets turquoise sticks from the IQOS heets turquoise” Selection. The heets Menthol sticks are back! Thanks to the classification as “smoke-free tobacco”, you can buy heets turquoise sticks with a fine menthol aroma, they can be sold again.

Even before the sales stop in 2020, IQOS heets menthol was one of the most popular heets varieties. In our opinion, this will not change in the future either. Nothing has changed in the proven taste. People who have had to go without heets turquoise for so long will immediately recognize the unmistakable aroma. Now they can buy heets turquoise sticks again. They let themselves be refreshed by the fine and fresh menthol aroma!

Heets turquoise Selection – buy heets turquoise tobacco sticks for the IQOS. They’re back! Since heets tobacco sticks are classified as a smokeless tobacco product, the Turquoise Selection variety will be available again! Mentholated and fine. With the Turquoise Selection from heets, real tobacco meets fine aromas containing menthol. Only high-quality tobaccos are used in the production. Buy heets turquoise sticks, which make up a special American blend mixture.

The heets turquoise Selection promises a fine and sensual tobacco experience with a subtle menthol note. Real tobacco with a fine menthol aroma – menthol and aromatic. Buy heets turquoise sticks. Philip Morris heets tobacco sticks are made from high quality compressed tobacco. When the tobacco is heated in the IQOS Holder, the nicotine-containing tobacco vapor unfolds. Similar to a classic cigarette, the inhalation takes place via the filter of the tobacco stick.

The heets tobacco sticks were developed exclusively for IQOS tobacco heaters. They are available in 8 different flavors.

Buy heets turquoise sticks. The popular menthol sticks are now available again. Heets turquoise Tobacco Sticks have now been classified as a smokeless tobacco product. Because smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and snuff can contain menthol, heets turquoise Sticks are available again.

Heets turquoise Selection Tobacco Sticks from Marlboro are tobacco sticks in the shape of a small cigarette and exclusively for IQOS devices. They are placed in the IQOS heating device and heated. The heets turquoise Tobacco Sticks convince with an aromatic taste with menthol aroma.

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