The classic IQOS HEETs Amber Label

IQOS HEETs Amber Label sticks are an interesting variation on the theme of the age-old classics, where shades from a related theme are added to the tart tobacco base: a solid woody aroma that gives a feeling of strength, as well as soft nutty notes, the appearance of which helps the taste to sparkle with new colors.

IQOS HEETs Amber Label sticks are the strongest version among the entire IQOS Heets line, they are recommended for those who have just switched to electronic cigarettes after the classic ones and still need to get used to. Orange packaging.

Sticks are tobacco products made with many different flavors and a certain number of filtration levels. Composition: 1. Tobacco mixture, in which tobacco is prescribed with glycerin, as well as flavorings and propylene glycol are added 2. Acetate part of the filter with a cylindrical shape, used to form a stream of tobacco vapor. 3. “Belt” filter.

You will buy IQOS HEETs Amber Label sticks online as a response to the needs of modern smokers who seek for updated tobacco consumption. This product category is a useful addition to our previous range in order to finally get as many people as possible off the cigarette.

You will buy IQOS HEETs Amber Label sticks online, which have been specially developed for use with tobacco heaters and contain compressed real tobacco that is heated when consumed and not burned. This has several advantages: Among other things, no ash is produced when it is used. The released aerosol (tobacco vapor) has a less unpleasant odor than cigarette smoke and evaporates faster.

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