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We sell HEETs Australia wide and tell you everything about them. How are HEETs different from e-cigarettes? Although both products do not burn the contents, in the evaporator of an electronic cigarette, a liquid is heated and vaporized instead of tobacco. This liquid is mixed with glycerin, propylene glycol as well as food flavorings and nicotine from the tobacco plant. HEETS, on the other hand, use real tobacco that is enriched with different flavors. In addition, HEETS produce significantly lower aerosol emissions than an e-cigarette. The vaporized e-liquid, on the other hand, may produce dense and clearly perceptible smoke.

We know all news of HEETs as we sell HEETs Australia wide. HEETS by IQOS: structure and components The tobacco in the HEETs is first finely ground and mixed with water, glycerin, cellulose fibers and guar gum. On the one hand, glycerin ensures the formation of the fine aerosol and, on the other hand, protects the tobacco from excessive heat. The mass is then rolled and baked. A kind of “tobacco foil” is created – also known as “cast leaf”. This foil is folded and wrapped into a protective paper strand. The tobacco portion of the HEETS is cut from this strand to the appropriate size. The finished pieces of tobacco are finally wrapped in a protective cover made of aluminum and assembled with the remaining components: a hollow channel (acetate tube); a cooling segment (PLA filter); a filter (cellulose acetate filter).

Simple and convenient: buy HEETs Australia wide online. Whether strong and strong or light and mild – in our online shop you will find a large selection of HEETS and different types available. There is something for every palate. Try it out and discover the fascinating world of taste of IQOS-HEETS. Each pack contains twenty HEETs.

Choose between the following flavors: HEETS Amber: With a balanced taste of tobacco, a fine note of wood and light nut aromas. HEETS Bronze: The strongest and most aromatic variety, with hints of mocha and dried fruits. HEETS Russet: Full-bodied tobacco pleasure, perfectly balanced with pleasantly mature aromas. HEETS Sienna: A medium-strong, aromatic variety with light tea aromas and a pleasant woody note.

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