Iqos heets green USA stick for healthy life

Iqos has changed the format of the heating chamber and retained the Boost function so that you can experience a deep and rich taste of Iqos heets green USA sticks. SATURATED TASTE WITH ONE BUTTON is given by Iqos heets green USA sticks.

Reveal the intense flavor of Iqos heets green USA A sticks with induction heating technology, Boost function and a new heating chamber format. The products of this type have special straps for attaching the case to the belt. Also, the Iqos heets green USA accessory fits easily into a purse or trouser pocket.

Car holder. This accessory is ideal for those who spend most of their time in the car. The car holder can be easily mounted on the deflector. Thanks to the prosthetic insert, the accessory is securely fixed, while providing free access to the charging connector.

Now Iqos heets green USA sticks will always be at hand. To use the device, it is not necessary to remove it from the holder, which is important for drivers. An interesting fact: according to statistics, over a hundred pieces of car holders for Iqos heets green USA are sold every day around the world.

Cover panel. An excellent accessory for those who want to visually distinguish their charger for the tobacco heating system, giving it individuality. The panel will hide any damage present on the case. The accessory is attached to the charger cover. The panels are presented in both the most current shades. Whichever color you choose, your device will become stylish and effective.

Clamp. The clamp is a godsend for people with an active lifestyle. Wherever you go, your device and stack of sticks will always be at hand. The accessory conforms to the shape of the device, ensuring its protection. The heets green USA sticks are held tightly thanks to the elastic band. It should be noted that the clamp has an open design, which is convenient to use.

Ashtray. The accessory has a special design that fits well with the Iqos heets green USA sticks.

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