IQOS HEETS Bronze Label with a cleaning device

In the modern world, IQOS HEETS Bronze Label is especially popular. This demand is due to the gentle effect of the device on the body, while the smoker enjoys inhaling. The manufacturers of this tobacco heating system have released a number of related accessories that make the gadget even more functional and more convenient to use. Aykos accessories are distinguished not only by high quality, but also by exquisite design.
What accessories are included in the IQOS HEETS Bronze Label kit?

There are several models with different characteristics in the Iqos line. The IQOS HEETS Bronze Label kit includes the following accessories: usb cable; Power Supply; cleaning device. Please note that the charger is not only intended for recharging, but can also be used as a storage case for the device. Review of additional accessories for Iqos

Useful accessories for IQOS HEETS Bronze Label are regularly produced. They are meant to be shared with a gadget. The following products are very popular: mobile, car and portable stick holder; covers; caps; panel on the cover; ashtray; clamp. Each of the above products is designed to solve specific problems, and deserves a separate consideration.

This accessory is a miniature container used to dispose of used sticks. The Iqos stick holder prevents the spread of the smell of tobacco. Its main advantage lies in its compact size and light weight. The pocket accessory can be carried anywhere. Car stick holder If you use IQOS HEETS Bronze Label, then the car stick holder is an irreplaceable accessory for your car. It can be placed in the vehicle’s cup holder. To dispose of the used stick, simply flip open the cover. Interesting fact: the cover of the mobile stick holder has a rubber seal. It allows the container to be tightly closed and prevents the spread of tobacco odor.

Designer cases.
A practical case reliably protects the gadget from external damage. The variety of such accessories will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated hobbyists. The products are presented in both classic and trendy designs. You can easily find a cover based on your personal preference.

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