You have more fun with IQOS HEETS Purple Label sticks

IQOS HEETS Purple Label is the aroma of berries with high menthol intensity makes for an IQOS experience.
IQOS HEETS Purple Label means the purple box, blueberry scent and wild herb with menthol.
You have more fun with IQOS HEETS Purple Label sticks.

It is combustion that causes most of the highly reactive, harmful chemical compounds found in cigarette smoke. Therefore, one of the main developments of the PMI scientists is the HeatControl ™ technology, thanks to which no combustion occurs when using IQOS 3 DUOS and other models of the device.

The principle of operation of IQOS is as follows: a ceramic heating element with platinum and gold tracks applied to it heats the tobacco from the inside, which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to fully reveal the taste and aroma of tobacco. Gold and platinum form a thermocouple, which allows you to precisely control the temperature, preventing it from exceeding 350 ℃ and thus preventing combustion (the burning temperature of a cigarette reaches 600-800 ℃). That is why, when using IQOS, the levels of emissions of harmful substances are reduced by an average of 95% compared to cigarettes *.

To do our first test, our first clients went to the IQOS Mobile Unit in one of the shopping centers. To be honest, they did not think they wanted an option with no clouds of smoke, burnt paper, and burning bitterness in yhe mouth after they inhaled. They thought they would give it a try and say, “Thank you, but not enough nicotine” and calmly go outside to smoke a regular cigarette. But. They have smoked.

They said, “Thanks, we will think about it” and walked through the stores. And what do you think? They did not feel like smoking a conventional cigarette! Then they assumed it was coincidental. They went back to the online shop of our company and ordered the sticks and devices again. And again that was enough for two hours. So they gave up and now regularly buy IQOS HEETS Purple Label sticks and smoking devices for them.

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