HEETS Selection is now available in our online shop to help you buy online IQOS HeatSticks

Buy online IQOS HeatSticks conveniently from home in the IQOS online shop. HEETS are also available from retail outlets, petrol stations and tobacco shops.

The new way to enjoy tobacco – only for a short time with the unique taste of HEETS Selection is available to buy online IQOS HeatSticks.

Our special promotion is an IQOS Registration Welcome Offer.
The registration offer is only valid once for new customers (initial registration in the IQOS database).

IMPORTANT: Your data must be correct and complete.

Our HEETS Selection is now available in our online shop to help you buy online IQOS HeatSticks. Experience a real alternative to the cigarette: With IQOS, the tobacco contained in the tobacco sticks is heated instead of burned. Thanks to the Heat Control ™ Technology, an innovative heating sheet keeps the temperature constant and controlled up to 662°F.

We will send you the IQOS Starter Kit in the color and model of your choice. Enclosed in the package is your voucher code, which you can use to register with IQOS. For this registration to buy online IQOS HeatSticks, you will receive 3 packs of 20 HEETs per pack from IQOS.

Most IQOS smokers say they use a tobacco heater as often as they used to use a cigarette. So nicotine consumption remains the same. But if you are considering quitting smoking completely, it could be easier with IQOS.

Because: Anyone who has switched to IQOS no longer likes conventional cigarettes. Confronting smokers in public is no longer so difficult. IQOS is an absolute lifestyle product that is even reminiscent of Apple in terms of design: Nevertheless, in the end you have a technical device in your hand.

The feeling of having a cigarette in hand, which smokers perceive as pleasant, disappears. In the end, of course, willpower counts when quitting, but IQOS is a good way to get used to it, a first step out of the habit.

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