The IQOS Heets Amber tobacco sticks for IQOS tobacco heaters

IQOS Heets Amber is a very special selection.
The IQOS Heets Amber stands for a balanced tobacco taste with a fine wood note paired with light nut flavors. The IQOS Heets Amber sticks are gentle and discreetly tasteful

The IQOS Heets Amber tobacco sticks for IQOS tobacco heaters (IQOS 3 and 2.4) are made of high-quality compressed tobacco. The nicotine-containing tobacco vapor can develop in the IQOS Holder and can be inhaled – just like with a normal cigarette.

Iqos Heets Amber are tobacco sticks for IQOS for smoke-free heating and have a similar high nicotine content as Marlboro Gold cigarettes (0.5 mg).
What are the specifics of the product?

The Iqos Heets Amber have a gently balanced tobacco enjoyment with a fine wood note and light nut flavors.
The composition of the tobacco sticks:

  1. Tobacco mixture, in which, tobacco is prescribed with glycerin, and flavorings and propylene glycol are added
  2. Acetate filter with a cylindrical shape, used to form a stream of tobacco vapor.
  3. A filter designed to reduce the temperature of the aerosol.
  4. Acetate filter to clean the main stream of tobacco vapor.
    Stylish IQOS Heets Amber is an interesting variation on the theme of timeless classics, where shades from related themes are added to the tart tobacco base: a solid woody aroma that gives a sense of strength, as well as soft nutty notes, the appearance of which helps the taste to sparkle with new colors. So, IQOS Heets Amber is a special roasted tobacco flavor with light woody and nutty notes, as the original description says. This taste is creamier than the previous one. Smokers who have just switched to IQOS will not be able to catch light woody or nutty notes. It’s just a more or less strong taste, very vaguely similar to the taste of cigars, or cigars. In principle, suitable for daily use.
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