Use luxurious accessories for comfortable consumption of your HEETs Silver sticks

To decorate your device and make life easier, to comfortably use the HEETs Silver sticks: see the selection of accessories for IQOS.

IQOS stands out among other tobacco heating systems with a huge number of accessories. They make life easier and allow you to customize your device. Users decorate devices with bright side panels, purchase unusual stichnits and covers. This article is a selection of all available accessories from Philip Morris, which make your usage of HEETs Silver sticks more luxurious.

Cover. They protect the gadget from scratches, minor damages, dust and dirt. Designed specifically for designs of different models, windows are provided everywhere for connecting the cable and checking the charge. There are magnetic closures and flaps so you don’t have to remove the device every time you use it. They make your usage of HEETs Silver sticks more luxurious.

There are silicone, leather and textile cases. The former are distinguished by their embossed coating and a wide selection of bright colors. Leather accessories are almost weightless, they look more restrained and sophisticated. Textiles are made of soft and pleasant to the touch material in neutral colors.

Case. May be confused with a case, but the case has a completely different function. Inside it, there are separate compartments for the device, sticks, stichnitsa and cleaning device. It is ideal for travelers and those with a dynamic lifestyle.

In terms of size, it is a compact and roomy accessory, in which there is nothing superfluous. The textile case is made in gray, black and red. Leather is presented in burgundy, beige, blue colors.

Side panel
Available for IQOS 3 Duos only. It protects the device from small chips, while allowing the owner to express themselves and customize the device to their liking. The line contains a huge number of options from exotic to discreet shades.

For those who love HEETs Silver sticks and want to make their usage
brighter and more unusual, the company has developed an Ultra-Colored collection. Neon panels shimmer, shine and symbolize the brightest moments of summer: day, twilight, night and dawn.

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