Parameters of iqos heets Menthol sticks

Iqos heets Menthol sticks: what is it? This is a real spring scent that you will feel immediately, barely opening the pack. The tobacco base, like the remnants of snow in the blinding sun, fades into the background on its own, clearing the way for fragrant citrus notes with herbal hue emerging. This whole composition is blown by the winter wind, expressed through menthol, and after each additional stick of iqos heets Menthol, summer comes again.

This is a refreshing menthol scent combined with notes of spicy herbs and citrus. Heets is a modern way of consuming tobacco. The best, carefully selected tobacco leaves are used to make the sticks so that you can enjoy a completely new taste and aroma. Heets are for use with the iqos only. The product is sold in packs (1 pack – 20 sticks). This product is safe and addictive.

Specifications of the iqos heets Green Menthol sticks: Check the specification (characteristics) of the product directly on the website of the selected store before purchasing (ordering).

The iqos system was developed by the American company Philip Morris International and is a heated device for tobacco sticks. They are made from powdered tobacco with natural additives and excipients. In the tobacco market, the original heets Selection sticks have become a good alternative to regular cigarettes since 2014. Nicotine consumption is reduced by 95% compared to traditional smoking. Using the e-cigarette wisely can reduce the health effects of nicotine.

Characteristics of the iqos heets Menthol sticks. Iqos heets Green Menthol sticks are produced in rich colors, rich in flavor, and are supplied in blocks. Package dimensions: 74 x 15 x 49 mm. Weight: 240 g. Characteristics of the parameters of the content of tobacco in each of the presented items: from 0.9 mg, nicotine, tar: up to 35 mg. Vaporizing tobacco by using the iqos system has been found to be comfortable and safe in comparison with the conventional cigarette smoking. The basic difference in sticks is in the content of additional flavoring components, taste.

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