Buy iqos heatsticks online – the strongest ones

We can only guess why Phillip Morris management decided to discontinue using the Parliament brand in the iqos line of products. Now you can only buy iqos heatsticks that have been specially made for iqos from an official agent online. Of course, they assure that heets is Parliament. Perhaps this will convince the novice, but as experienced iqos users, we can tell you that this is not the case. The difference is huge and not only in taste, but also in the details of the construction of the stick.

As we recall, Parliament only had two flavors. Marlboro sticks had too many tastes, up to six. Heets no longer afterwards! In the fall of 2018, they released two more new flavors to promote and help customers get and buy buy iqos heatsticks online. Look at them in detail.

We start the review with the strongest sticks so you can buy iqos heatsticks. Amber has the richest tobacco flavor. The smell, by the way, it seemed to us, is stronger than that of the other brands.Even the taste is stronger than the standard Blue Parliament. Along with all of its signs of strength and taste, we can recommend it to all those trying to smoke iqos after regular cigarettes. Because lighter sticks have a too chemical effect at first.

Yellow heets is a light version of Amber. When you ask Parliament in the store to offer it, you are saying that it is as similar as possible. It’s immediately obvious that people either didn’t smoke what they sold themselves or tried to mislead you with some marketing tricks. Well, in general, smoking is not disgusting as everyday use will satisfy the majority of smokers.

Heets Turquoise Label Sticks. Menthol Turquoise hits. Menthol seemed as strong as Marlboro Mint. We can’t say we particularly like it after comparing it to other flavors. But it is a personal matter for every consumer. If we don’t prefer that, you can. Because every taste is strictly individual. But you can choose your favorite taste and continue enjoying the very product day by day, exploring new sides of the taste! Is it not great?!

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