Heets Bronze USA – these sticks can be used every day

The design of the heets Bronze USA pack is not different from past flavors. The pack is designed in white with brown inserts. Externally, the sticks look the same as pressed tobacco in other flavors: 3 brown strips, with different color saturation. Inside is compressed and glued tobacco.

Interesting! Recent studies have proven that when you smoke iqos, harmful substances are released by 90% less than with regular smoking.

What does it taste like? The manufacturers claim that in the new flavor you can feel the flavor of dried fruit and cocoa. The strength of the sticks is medium, similar to the past kind of Yellow Label. This mix is soft and delicate. Therefore, fans of the strong flavor of Amber, with woody notes this stick may not like. They are more suitable for those who appreciate not strongly pronounced taste of tobacco, combined with deep aromatic notes.

When you inhale the smoke with a reduced amount of harmful substances, you can feel the smell of chocolate and dried fruit. After a session, it leaves a subtle but pleasant aftertaste. Heets Bronze USA is a non-standard flavor that is different from others in the company’s lineup. In this way, manufacturers want to attract hookah lovers and vapers to purchase e-cigarettes.

Despite the non-standard approach to the new flavor, it did not appeal to all users of iqos. Many have noted that the new flavor has: a mediocre taste, little flavor additives and composition; little sense of the promised smell of cocoa; low strength. It will not suit this flavor to those who like strong coffee and black tea. The flavor qualities of tobacco stix are almost completely lost after drinking these drinks.

Despite the disadvantages noted by those who have already had a chance to try Bronze Label, it can be called a great choice for everyday smoking. The main thing is not to smoke regular cigarettes on the same day as iqos, otherwise the taste of the tobacco stick will seem boring and completely unpalatable.

Description: brief characteristics. The description of Heets Bronze USA is the same as for the other sticks: in the middle there is a cellulose insert, it hardens after a smoking session. This interlayer contains a polyamide acid which is a biopolymer. This acid is created from starch extracted from sugar cane. This special insert functions to absorb and cool the vapor that is produced when the tobacco is heated.

Bronze Label are light and unobtrusive, they do not cause such unpleasantness. The manufacturers tried to reduce as much as possible the harmful effects of tobacco on the body of the smoking person. Therefore, these sticks can be used every day.

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