Iqos heets are specially formulated real tobacco sticks

The search for an alternative to smoking has been going on for decades. Hundreds of methods have been successfully tested: patches, gum, and more. But all of them proved to be insufficiently effective. As a result, manufacturers offered two systems for those wishing to give up cigarettes: iqos and vape. Both technologies have advantages over everything invented before, but which one should choose?
What is iqos: Iqos is a device for heating tobacco. The manufacturers have eliminated the inhalation of combustion products from the process. Special tobacco is heated to 350 Co, which is half the temperature at which a traditional cigarette smolders. In effect, users inhale not tobacco smoke, but vaporized substances saturated with nicotine. According to official sources, the choice of electronics reduces the consumption of carcinogens by 95%.

The electronic system completely solves the problem of secondhand smoke, unpleasant odor, partially reduces intoxication, which is associated with a bad habit. To use iqos, unlike a vape, you will have to constantly buy sticks. They are sold in tobacco stores and supermarkets, each pack of 10-20 pcs. Savings are achieved by reducing the frequency of smoking: the nicotine hunger is satisfied fairly quickly.

The device consists of a stylish case with a holder inside that is shaped like an e-cigarette. It is equipped with a special slot for sticks and a ceramic heating element; there is one button on the body to turn it on. The small battery capacity is enough for one session, in new models – for two.

The case contains a second, more powerful battery that charges the heater between sessions. Bright indicators show the remaining charge. A universal charger is included. This all indicates that iqos heets are the best buy to change your smoking style and the habits associated with it.
What are iqos heets: iqos heets are specially formulated real tobacco sticks that are heated by your IQOS device, not burned like cigarettes – no smoke, no ash and less odor. Series of original iqos heets flavors: Amber Label – tobacco blend with light wood and nut flavor notes, Yellow Label – Yellow original flavor with spicy notes, Silver Label – Silver original flavor. Perfect for those who crave the taste of tobacco and prefer the classic flavor to the new blends on the market, Green Label is a slightly toasted tobacco blend offering a refreshing sensation of menthol coolness, complemented by a minty aroma and many others.
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