Buy heets Yellow sticks for special cigarettes

People buy heets Yellow sticks for Iqos devices. Iqos is an electric cigarette heating system based on HeatControlâ„¢ technology. Iqos cigarettes are heated so that no combustion products are released. Iqos was preceded by a multi-stage laboratory and clinical study that proved that iqos emits on average 95% safer than cigarettes. Iqos has been proven to emit an average of 95% safer than cigarettes. This means that switching completely to iqos is safer than continuing to smoke paper cigarettes.

The yellow color is the standard color for iqos products. With a medium strength, unobtrusive aroma and a hay and grass flavor, the yellow color is liked by those who are just starting to smoke. Yellow sticks are ideal for everyday use, as they are barely perceptible and therefore do not cause discomfort to the user or those around them.

Buy heets Yellow sticks for yourselves. The stick itself is a product made from pressed tobacco. However, unlike regular tobacco, which consists of tobacco leaves, the stick is made from tobacco powder plus glycerin, water, cellulose fiber, and guar gum. The stick is divided into five sections.

The design of a pack of yellow Iqos sticks at first glance is quite simple and resembles a matchbox, but upon closer examination the package surprises with the unique coloring of “Parliament”. The color indicator is yellow. The package is divided into two parts, which is very convenient. It is decorated with relief letters. The yellow color is present only in the upper part of the pack, and basically the packaging is white.

The strength of nicotine varies widely: from very strong to light and very strongly flavored. We should not forget about the classics as well. On the pack of sticks itself, manufacturers do not indicate the nicotine content. A regular cigarette contains about 0.9 mg of nicotine per gram of mixed tobacco.

To buy heets Yellow sticks online has several advantages: Convenience: you can order and receive heets Turquoise from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and effort. Large selection: the online store offers a wider selection of heets flavors and packs than the regular store.

Prices and discounts: online stores offer competitive prices and regular discounts. Delivery: many online stores offer a delivery service, which is especially convenient for busy people or those who are far away from stores.

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