The iqos heets Green menthol sticks – day & night

The aroma of green herbs and citrus matches and creates a rich menthol cooling sensation in iqos heets Green menthol sticks. We will point out the ingredients: Citrus fruits, menthol and mint that enhance the aroma. There is no contrast in depth between the violet wave and the green ring. With the mix of flavors such as apple, citrus and lime, the green flavor is much more evident and pleasant.
Heets are smaller in size than ordinary cigarettes by up to half, yet they have the same characteristics. Both forms of cigarettes: are made of conventional tobacco, use filters; have similar nicotine content, and the smoking time is identical.
Iqos heets Green menthol variety is filled with fruits and flavors and is enriched with green minty flavor ingredients and a well balanced menthol cooling aftertaste. This is a strong sign that iqos heets Green menthol is fantastically aromatic. This is the case with all other versions of heets flavors for iqos, the cost of iqos heets Green menthol sticks is very optimal in our online store. As for the fact where you can buy iqos heets Green menthol sticks, you can discover them in our online source. You can discover iqos heets Green menthol sticks at the optimal prices here. Fantastic iqos heets Green menthol sticks are presented with menthol and citrus notes. And the taste of iqos heets Green menthol is very deep and reminiscent of lime.

Iqos heets Green menthol is an extraordinarily made tobacco with light woody and nutty shades. It is the menthol and smooth tobacco that contribute to fiery notes. Iqos heets Green menthol sticks indicate citrus freshness with density and sparkling aroma. Citrus and homemade notes are the key to success in this case.

Spicy and invigorating tobacco from iqos heets Green menthol will never leave you indifferent with a sensation of cool menthol taste, filled with spicy and herbal notes. Iqos heets Green menthol made you understand, that iqos dealers have elaborated all kinds of flavors and stick strengths. If we disclose the topic of nicotine, then in these sticks it is much more contained than in classic tobacco cigarettes. In strong varieties, it even exceeds 2 times.

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