IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks for the Philip Morris IQOS cigarette

IQOS HEETS Bronze Selection offers a gentle and fiery Marlboro tobacco taste with a mocha note for the Philip Morris IQOS cigarette. With the IQOS HEETS Bronze Selection Label you get a mellow and fiery tobacco taste for your IQOS cigarette by Philip Morris. Especially unobtrusive. You will locate a silver line on the HEETS that disentangles addition into the IQOS holder.

Iqos tobacco radiator decreases smoke by 95 percent. No fire, no cinders, no smoke and no yellow fingers – and still devour tobacco. The US bunch Philip Morris has contributed what might be compared to 6.5 billion euros in research in the course of recent years. The outcome is the Buy HEETS Bronze Iqos tobacco radiator – an option in contrast to customary cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

The gadget consists of a holder into which tobacco sticks are embedded and a charger. “The tobacco is warmed to 350 degrees at the press of a catch. There is no burning procedure like a cigarette, “says Philip Morris Austria manager Alexander Schönegger. “95 percent less contaminations would be discharged”. It is “an okay item”. On the off chance that you stick a tobacco stick in the holder, you can make 14 puffs or devour the tobacco for six minutes. Nicotine and steam are discharged. The gadget at that point vibrates and turns off. The
tobacco stick is discarded.

Philip Morris needs to make the HEETS Bronze IQOS gadget engaging smokers who are searching for an option in contrast to the cigarette. What’s more, keep the typical custom. Beginning today, Friday, the gadgets are accessible in tobacco shops and on the web. A
normal smoker needs 15 sticks per day. The US mammoth is selling billion in elective items.

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