HEETS price to be distinguished from competitor products

HEETS are the small tobacco sticks designed for use in IQOS cigarettes. The HEETS sticks are made from high-quality and compressed tobacco. They are available in four basic flavors, which you can also buy from us in our online shop. Our HEETS price is pretty moderate, owing to our business relationships. What’s important to know: the tobacco of the HEETS is not burned (like in a classic cigarette), but heated in a controlled manner.

This leads to an evaporation, which releases the fine flavors of the tobacco varieties – but not to a combustion, which would release more pollutants. The HEETS tobacco sticks are manufactured in Bologna and in Dresden. They are sold everywhere, but the most advantageous HEETS price is presented here, in our online shop.
The Heets tobacco sticks are made from high quality and compressed tobacco. These small sticks are specially developed for the IQOS device from the manufacturer.

Heets cigarettes are the classic variety with a normal strength. Thus, the right strength is included for every smoker and real tobacco taste is guaranteed by this new technology and the use of real tobacco leaves. However, any modifications do not take a negative effect on the HEETS price. It remains advantageous as long as you order HEETS cigarettes in our online shop.
The functionality of the Buy IQOS cigarette in connection with the Heets is explained relatively simply, but still ingenious.
The small tobacco sticks are heated up, it means that the tobacco they contain is not burned, but only heated. So there is no smoke.

Only the moisture contained in the tobacco is evaporated and inhaled, not the paper as in a conventional cigarette. This means that there is no soot when smoking HEETS cigarettes and therefore no dangerous pollutants. The HEETS tobacco sticks are rather “vaporized” than smoked.
The HEETS price is affected by that unusual way of tobacco consumption.

What will you win except for pure inhale of tobacco vapor? Unique prices, which will be stable as long as you purchase HEETS cigarettes in our online shop.
No market risks will endanger your purchase as long as you are our client.
We are always doing our best for the clients!

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