Buy Hees Silver Sticks in the silver and white packaging

You are going to buy Heets Silver Sticks that attract consumers with the traditional tobacco aroma, without any flavor additives that are unpleasant for the buds of some consumer groups. Consumers in the United States have become accustomed to the plethora of tobacco products, both traditional and innovative smoking products.

Everything you can dream of. Hey, it’s not that easy yet. You buy Heets Silver Sticks as a tobacco substitute. But they want the taste they are used to. Logically, they come to buy Heets Silver Sticks. There are some people who do not want to give up old habits completely, but are instead interested in changing them. And they can do it. You buy Heets Silver Sticks.

Heets Silver Sticks for IQOS have an updated filter. There are no air pockets, but a layer of gel that prevents hot smoke from entering the smoker’s airways. When smoking, the substance changes from a gel-like state to a solid (baked) one under the influence of temperature. Another innovation is a two-ply tobacco casing: there is a thin film underneath the outer paper layer. It acts as a heat insulator and maintains the heating temperature. In addition, no heated glycerine flows through and the paper layer does not get wet.

The packaging design looks very stylish. Laconic, straightforward, with convex inscription on the front. The side shows the number of sticks in the pack – 20. The back also shows the number of “tobacco sticks” and a reference to Parliament. Phillip Morris positions all types of Heets Sticks as an extension of the Parliament brand. But many IQOS users say in their reviews that this is nowhere near the case. Heets are characterized by their internal structure and, above all, by their taste.

Buy Heets Silver Sticks selection- Refreshing notes can be felt in the new mixture.

The packaging is in the colors silver and white. The look of the sticks repeats its predecessors: the same three stripes with different color saturation. There are glued tobacco strips inside the stick.

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